Almost 10 Tonnes Of E-waste Has Left Gisborne

Electronic waste (e-waste) that weighs more than an
elephant has been trucked out of Gisborne so it can be
recycled within New Zealand.

Almost ten tonnes
(9,925kg) of old computers, printers and keyboards have been
dropped off at the Tairāwhiti Environment Centre (TEC)
since November last year.

Council community lifelines
solid waste manager Phil Nickerson says it’s been an
impressive response from our community.

encourage anyone who hasn’t yet, to de-clutter their homes
of e-waste. We thank everyone who has got the word out there
as well, either at work or within their

“This is nearly ten tonnes of waste that
won’t clog our landfills and can be

E-waste is a growing waste problem in New
Zealand, with an average of 21.3 kgs generated per person
each year.

Mr Nickerson thanked the team at TEC for
collecting and packing the crates each

“It’s been a real community

The e-waste is trucked to Auckland and
loaded locally by Mark Ngaranoa who has shifted almost all
the e-waste crates himself.

E-waste has a high
recoverable value, so items taken to the correct facilities
can be processed and recycled properly, this diverts a large
amount of dangerous waste and chemicals from our

Every device ever produced has a carbon
footprint and contributes to human-made global

Council’s Waste Minimisation Team and TEC
partnered with TechCollect NZ (TCNZ) to trial the collection

TCNZ senior policy manager Michael Dudley says
these awesome results have only been possible with the
support of valued partners.

“We can achieve so much
more when we all work together.

“It’s wonderful to
see the good folk in Tairāwhiti making such great use of
TCNZ’s free, safe, and responsible e-waste recycling

Mr Dudley says TCNZ, Council and TEC
joined forces in late-2021 and have made a major dent in the
community’s e-waste stockpiles in such a short

“Special thanks to the Council and TEC teams
for helping TCNZ bring a much-needed e-waste recycling
solution to the East Coast.”

On more than one
occasion, Gisborne dispatched the most e-waste in the
country and was the third top-performing region in the TCNZ
national network.

TCNZ is a New Zealand not-for-profit
organisation that provides a free national service to help
Kiwi households and small businesses recycle their e-waste
safely and responsibly.

TEC is open from 9am to 3pm
Tuesday to Friday, and 11am to 1pm on Saturdays.

do not accept televisions but do accept the

* Personal and laptop computers and
associated cables

* Tablets, notebooks and

* Computer monitors and parts (for example
internal hard drives and CD drives)

* Computer
peripherals and accessories (for example mice, keyboards,
web cameras, USBs and modems)

* Printers, scanners,
and multi-function devices

* Cameras and video

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