Call2Recycle is the first industrywide battery recycling program for electric bicycles

Call2Recycle is the first organization to start an industrywide battery recycling program for electric bicycles. BCycle, a public bike-sharing company partnered with LLC/Trek Bicycles, announced it will participate in this program.

“At the end of each battery’s life, they need to be responsibly disposed of, to keep them out of landfills, and to recycle reusable parts for new e-bike batteries,” LLC/Trek Bicycles said in an announcement to its employees.

PeopleForBikes partnered with Call2Recycle, which created recycling kits, safety gear, informational guides and organized designated drop-off locations around the United States.

Businesses that want to be involved in this program can sign up at

Businesses that are already part of this program and need to order more recycling kits, ship out used batteries and train new employees and more can visit

According to the Call2Recycle website, between the years 2020 and 2030 around 12 million electric bicycles will be sold in the United States.

Kevin Crouse, the general manager of Boulder BCycle, said electric bicycles are going to expand exponentially. This program prevents electric waste and makes electric bikes more environmentally friendly. He expresses the importance of knowing what impact electric bikes can have on the environment and how this program can help stop the spread of unnecessary electronic waste.

Customers interested in buying an electric bike that’s currently a part of the E-Bike Battery Recycling Program can visit


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