City cleanup, electronic disposal scheduled

Maysville residents ready to clean up after the Christmas holiday are invited to take part in the city’s quarterly cleanup.

The winter quarterly cleanup will take place from Tuesday, Dec. 27 through Thursday, Jan. 5, officials said.

The quarterly cleanup program was started by the late Mayor Charles Cotterill soon after he took office in December 2018.

“We need to give people an opportunity to get rid of stuff,” Cotterill said at the time. “Let’s make something available.”

Working with City Manager Matt Wallingford and commissioners, the quarterly cleanup program was initiated.

During the cleanup, appliances can be dropped off at the Public Works facility on Martha Comer Drive (behind the college), and at an area near the Forest Avenue Police Station.

Dumpsters will be located in the following areas: IGA parking lot/Forest Avenue Police Station; corner of Central Avenue and East 6th Street; corner of Pelham Street and East 6th Street; Union Street near January Park; the corner of East 4th Street and Plum Street (Dutch Inn lot); dead-end of Wall Street near the floodwall; the 400/500 block of West Second Street; Public Works; and Old Washington (the grass parking lot closer to Duke of York Street).

Tires and hazardous material are not included in the cleanup this time around, officials said.

Residents will also have an opportunity to dispose of unwanted electronic devices from Dec. 27-Jan. 5 as the city sponsors as e-waste drop-off.

Items can be left at the Public Works facility at 1720 Martha Comer Drive. Acceptable items include electronic equipment — computers, printers, monitors and TVs; light bulbs — fluorescent, incandescent, u-shaped bulbs and HID lamps; batteries — alkaline, lithium, lithium ion, GEL, Ni-cad, and lead acid (car batteries).

When dropping off material, residents should find the sorted bin/pallet appropriate for items they are leaving.

Officials are urging residents to only drop off light-bulbs, computer/electronic equipment, and batteries. Hazardous waste and tires are not permitted.

Anyone with questions on what may be dropped off, please contact Luke King at 759-0419 ext. 113 or via email at [email protected]


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