City of Rockingham’s e-waste recycling efforts recognised

Total Green Recycling’s General Manager Recycling Evan Kocks presented Mayor Deb Hamblin with the framed photograph in recognition of the City’s efforts to protect the environment through its E-Waste program.

The City of Rockingham’s efforts to reduce the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) entering landfill have been recognised, after nearly 39 tonnes was recycled in the first year of the City’s E-waste Recycling and Reuse program. 

E-Waste refers to electronic products that have reached the end of their ‘useful life’ and includes items such as televisions, printers, batteries and computers.

 Total Green Recycling, which processes the e-waste deposited at the Millar Road Landfill Facility (MRLF), recently presented the City with a framed photograph of Australian landscape in recognition of the City’s efforts to protect the environment through its E-waste Recycling and Reuse program. 

The City’s e-waste program was kickstarted in 2021 with support from an $80,000 grant through the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation’s WasteSorted initiative.

Through the program, community members are able to deposit e-waste at the MRLF free of charge. 

Last year 38.7 tonnes of e-waste was recycled in the City from both the landfill (28.4 tonnes) and through the City’s verge collections (10.3 tonnes).  

More than half of all e-waste recycled from the landfill came from old televisions.

Printers and copy devices accounted for 2.1 tonnes of e-waste, while computers and computer peripherals (such as keyboards and monitors) accounted for a combined 3.3 tonnes of recycled e-waste from the MRLF.  

Mayor Deb Hamblin said planning for future generations was a key aspiration in the City’s Strategic Community Plan, and the delivery of sustainable waste solutions was crucial to this.

“The City is committed to incorporating new opportunities that support responsible and sustainable disposal of waste,” Mayor Hamblin said.   

“E-waste recycling ensures precious metals can return back into the production line, and also limits environmental damage by preventing metals from leaching into soil and groundwater systems.  

“The City thanks Total Green Recycling for acknowledging our e-waste recycling efforts and we look forward to continuing to reduce our carbon footprint in future.”  

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