City should support recycling station

I write to you on behalf and in support of one of our valued Western DuPage Chamber of Commerce members: LRS, also known throughout DuPage County as Lakeshore Recycling Systems. In recent months, and over the past two years, the people of West Chicago and DuPage County have been deluged with misinformation.

It’s time to separate facts from fiction.

I encourage the West Chicago City Council to wholeheartedly vote yes for the West DuPage Recycling and Transfer Station application. Following are numerous reasons why:

• More competition is good for DuPage County with a local, independent service provider to help prevent over-inflation which is already occurring;

• The competition LRS brings has already proven and will continue to prove to prevent these mammoth publicly-traded waste companies from having complete control over the DuPage County residential and commercial waste and recycling market rates;

• Having LRS compete equates to lower residential and commercial waste and recycling rates while raising the bar on environmental sustainability, technology and biodiversity;



• Household recycling and electronic waste drop-off recycling services, largely offered for no charge for West Chicago and DuPage County residents (this is especially beneficial for residents living in multifamily housing where recycling isn’t offered);

• Administrative, mechanic, labor, operations and management-level career opportunities;

• Well-paying union jobs with outstanding benefit packages;

• Shorter truck routes that will result in a reduction in diesel emissions;

• LRS has invested significantly in a state-of-the-art design for the facility, including rapid open-close doors and sophisticated negative airflow odor mitigation system;

• LRS has been an outstanding corporate citizen, particularly in West Chicago, and a responsible environmental steward.

LRS has operated as a leading regional recycler, and over the past eight years they have diverted and repurposed over a million tons of material at their West Chicago location.

Dave Sabathne’, President and CEO

Western DuPage Chamber of Commerce



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