Cook Medical electronic waste recycle day one Monroe County option

Reduce, reuse, recycle — that’s the basis of Earth Day, which is Friday, April 22, this year. People who follow these principles help save natural resources, conserve energy and water and save money in the process.

Here is a guide to how to responsibly discard many of the trickier household items. 

It starts with asking whether you need an item — from a new shirt or shoes to furniture — and considering its packaging. 

Reuse what you can

Next is deciding if an item can be reused, whether by being repurposed or given to someone who can use it. The Bloomington branch of is one option. Learn more at

Habitat for Humanity’s Restore, at 850 S. Auto Mall Road, accepts donations of gently used home improvement items during business hours. People should send photos of potential large items and cabinet set donations to before donating them. Go to to see what items are not accepted.


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