County Works to Set Replacement Schedule for e-Waste Collection Events : Big Island Now

September 7, 2022, 10:27 AM HST

While the county’s e-Waste Collection Program remains suspended, county officials say they are working to set a replacement schedule of electronics recycling collection events for the remainder of the calendar year with the reduced state funding available.

A more permanent electronics recycling solution will come in the new calendar year. County officials are advising residents and businesses to make alternate plans for disposal or consider holding on to their e-Waste until the program restarts.

The county’s program will likely return in January 2023 after it was suspended in April due to lack of state funding.

The State of Hawai‘i recently enacted Act 151, which mandates that “Manufacturers must fully fund their recycling plan, including the collection, transportation, and recycling of all [specified] electronic devices in the State.” These plans include “Manufacturer recycling goals,” and the plans “shall provide collection services at a minimum of once per month” “at no cost to the owner” in certain population centers (e.g., Kailua-Kona and/or Hilo) starting in January 2023.


The county will announce details of upcoming collection dates on the Department of Environmental Management website.


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