Denbighshire tips for disposal of E-cigarettes or vapes

VAPES and e-cigarettes have become popular alternatives to more traditional ways of smoking, but do you know how to dispose of them once you are finished?

Some e-cigarettes or vapes can contain batteries and POPs (persistent organic pollutants).

They can be recycled, but because they contain batteries, they should not be put in people’s blue mixed recycling bin or clear recycling sacks.

It is important that e-cigarettes or vapes of any type are not placed in any of people’s waste containers as they can be a fire risk in their bin, our waste collection vehicles or at the waste treatment facility.

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Alternatively, they can be recycled as small WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) at the nearest recycling park.

For further guidance, people can go to:

Cllr Barry Mellor, Denbighshire County Council’s lead member for environment and transport, is urging residents to dispose of them correctly.

He said: “We are urging people to follow the guidance and not place Vapes and E-Cigarettes in their mixed recycling or in the clear recycling sacks and to dispose of them in the correct manner.

“When not properly disposed of, these items can become a real fire risk, and it is important to minimise this risk whenever possible.”


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