E-Waste Confusion In Darien Neighborhood

DARIEN, IL – A resident on a Darien street asked why the garbage company failed to pick up old TVs in his neighborhood during a week for electronics recycling.

During Monday’s City Council meeting, Alderman Ted Schauer said the resident called him saying that old TVs at six houses on Regency Grove Drive weren’t collected.

Schauer said the resident acknowledged he hadn’t signed up for electronics waste pickup beforehand. But he said the resident told him two of his neighbors had.

Mayor Joseph Marchese said the resident also called him. The mayor said Morton Grove-based LRS, the city’s new garbage company, informed the city that none of the Regency Grove residents registered.

The mayor said LRS’ subcontractor picks up electronic waste that is not registered, but only if it pulls down a street where other residents signed up.

No one on Regency Grove registered, so the truck did not go down the street, Marchese said.

The mayor said he called back the resident in question to give him an update.


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