E Waste Eco Park in Delhi

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E Waste Eco Park in Delhi – The Delhi approved India’s first electronic-waste eco-park to be established in the city early this year. A 20-acre eco-friendly park for electronic garbage will be built in Delhi. Every year, Delhi discards about 2 lakh tonnes of e-waste. The motive behind establishing this park will be to recycle, refurbish, and dismantle electronic waste in a scientific and safe manner at this eco-park.

The e-waste generated by the city is not dealt with in a scientific or safe manner. Informal recyclers are in charge of handling and recycling it. It results in a negative influence on the health of trash handlers as well as residents of Delhi. Therefore, in an important step taken by Delhi government, this eco-park will prove to be beneficial for the city.

E-waste is electronic waste, i.e., discarded electronics such as laptops, TVs, chargers, mobile phones, etc. This waste can be recycled and refurbished through material recovery. However, currently it is thrown in the garbage and may create hazardous issues. For example, when thrown in the pile of garbage in summers, the components might melt or catch fire which can be dangerous. Therefore, e-waste management is essential to ensure safety.

E Waste Eco Park in Delhi

By disassembling, sorting, refurbishing, material-wise storage, testing, and plastic recycling, this eco-park will function as an Integrated Facility. It will also offer precious metal extraction capabilities, particularly from Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) using cutting-edge technology.

An authorized refurbishment market as a secondary product selling market for batteries, electronic goods, laptops, chargers, mobile phones, and PCs will be part of the e-waste eco-component.

To channel e-waste, collection centres will be established up across the 12 zones.

E Waste Eco Park in Delhi

In order to groom operators from the informal sector into official recyclers, the e-waste eco-park will provide infrastructure, training, and instruments.

From Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) to high-end technologies, this facility will include disassembly, refurbishment, segregation, plastic recycling, material-wise storage and testing, as well as precious metal extraction facilities.

It will use modern technology to deliver integrated and ecologically safe e-waste disposal. This will assist to reduce pollution and its negative effects on the environment.

E Waste Eco Park in Delhi

The park’s activities will be geared toward clusters of small and medium-sized businesses working in e-waste recycling. Refurbishment, segregation, disassembly, and stocking of segregated materials such as plastics, metals, glass, and components will all be included.

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