Edianyun’s Success in Breaking Through Technical Bottlenecks Unveils the Immense Values of the Remanufacturing Industry

BEIJING, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MioTech has made an analysis of Edianyun’s performance on carbon emissions, and the contribution of products and services to GHG emissions and environmental impact. Based on Whole Life-Cycle Carbon (WLC) emissions analysis and business environment positive externality study, MioTech found that, Edianyun remanufactures more than 450,000 sets of devices per year, and its remanufacturing process can prolong the service life of devices to 2-3 times longer on average. This means Edianyun can reduce 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, equivalent to disposing of 141,000 tons of waste, or planting 2.7 million trees per year.

Waste generated from office devices is increasing exponentially through the development of technology and industrialization — totaling over 50 million tons globally in 2021. PCs and laptops, in use or out of service, for offices are a significant contributor to this waste. The lifespan of core computer components like memory chips, hard disks, and batteries is as short as two or three years. Moreover, due to high costs and the difficulties of maintaining these parts, many companies prefer to dispose of, sell off, or discard used electronic products — resulting in a bulk source of electronic waste.

A recyclable and green remanufacturing process is needed to “regenerate” the computers and reduce the production of electronic waste. Fortunately, some Chinese companies, such as Edianyun, have already raised consciousness about this issue and made substantial breakthroughs and progress in extending the service life of computers.

Edianyun sets new landmarks in the scale and efficiency of the remanufacturing process

Compared with traditional mass production, the challenge of the remanufacturing process lies in device identification technology and related reproduction procedures. The main reason why few large companies step into the IT device remanufacturing field is the lack of large-scale and high-efficiency production conditions and advanced renovation technologies.

As one of the earliest office IT service providers in China, Edianyun aims to address IT office pain points of SMEs and provide one-stop office IT services. By relying on more than 15 years of remanufacturing operation experience and utilizing self-developed software systems and detection hardware devices, the company has established highly productive remanufacturing plants with standardized process. As such, the company can upscale remanufacturing efficiency to a new level, while retaining the original outlook and performance of devices.

Currently, Edianyun owns the industry-leading remanufacturing capability of above 600,000 PCs per year in China. Through more than ten years accumulation of expertise and knowledge in diagnosis, maintenance, quality control, and delivery, Edianyun has transformed the nonstandard remanufacturing processes and established a set of normalized protocols. The MES system developed by Edianyun, which is similar to the dashboard system of a traditional assembly line. The system can provide step-by-step operation instructions for a standardized remanufacturing process. The engineer will replace the defective parts or require the new spare parts to be delivered to workstations through the MES system. The system will also execute an automatic check when the remanufacturing process completes to account for human errors. The MES system has the advantages of reducing dependency on a skilled workforce, saving labor costs, and improving remanufacturing efficiency.

Immense Values of Computer Remanufacturing Proven by Breaking Through Technical Bottlenecks

The skills required to repair computers are not complicated, but chip-level and mainboard maintenance is difficult for companies to master. For example, Apple prohibits dismantling the components of their notebooks individually. These products are designed to only allow the replacement of the whole assembly module. Therefore, users have limited options beyond waiting for the long repair process of the original factory for quality assurance.

To solve this problem, Edianyun has developed a series of barrier-removing technologies. The company can replace necessary parts without having to take out the entire faulty unit as traditional IT service providers do. If the screen of an Apple notebook does not function as normal, Edianyun can detect and “precisely locate” the exact parts that have problems. The repair process also has extremely strict requirements. First, there are stringent requirements for the maintenance environment. The devices are repaired in an ISO 7 clean room (Class 10,000 cleanroom). All the computer disassembly, including the backlight module, tube, and other accessory replacement, is done under this condition. This process prevents pollution from dust from entering the screen during the repairing process, which may otherwise result in unwelcomed dark spots on the screen. Next, the screen is sealed off with double-sided adhesive tape during the entirety of the dismantling process, which requires special tools and proficient engineers to prevent the screen from breaking upon servicing.

In addition to the technologies listed above, Edianyun has also developed dozens of cutting-edge remanufacturing technologies independently; and has applied for nearly 30 registered patents, including a fan component heating performance testing device, an automatic notebook power supply testing device, and a keyboard button test system and triggering device. Overcoming these computer servicing challenges allows “computer remanufacturing” to no longer be an insurmountable mountain.

By taking advantage of remanufacturing technologies, Edianyun has extended the average service life of devices from three years to seven-to-ten years. Edianyun’s remanufacturing factory alleviates the production of electronic waste, resulting in the reduction of 50,000 tons of carbon emissions annually. We hope that in the future more and more companies will be able to independently solve technical roadblocks, excavate the full potential of remanufactured computers, and contribute to a low-carbon and circular economy, just like Edianyun.


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