EMR, neighbors to meet over repeated ‘fluff’ fires

Shaneka Boucher lives in Waterfront South, and after an Oct. 18 fire at EMR Recycling’s facility — at least the third one since January 2021 that forced some residents from their homes due to smoke and airborne irritants — the City Councilwoman was once again working to set up a meeting between her fellow residents and the company’s representatives.

That meeting will take place Thursday at 6 p.m. at Heart of Camden, 1840 Broadway.

As the fire that ignited in a pile of auto fluff smoldered, smoke poured into Waterfront South and the smell wafted into neighboring towns. It wasn’t as bad as the fire in January 2021, but it wasn’t good, either: Residents again said the smoke got into homes, causing concern especially among parents of infants and young children and elderly people living in an industrial part of the city where air quality is a constant worry.


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