Five free online courses launched in new partnership to raise awareness of e-waste recycling

SINGAPORE – Five virtual courses were launched on Monday (July 18), as part of a new collaboration to raise awareness on electronic waste management and the sustainability of resources.

They are part of the partnership between waste management company Alba E-Waste Smart Recycling Pte Ltd and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), which was also launched on Monday (July 18). The partnership aims to educate students and the public on the impact of e-waste, the recycling process and regulations, e-waste management in Singapore, and enhancing the existing environmental education landscape. The free courses – which are about 30 minutes each – are available for registration on ITE’s Udemy portal.

After completing the course, participants will be assessedto be certified in the Alba E-Waste’s Agents of Change for E-Waste (ACE) Programme, becoming advocates of e-waste recycling in Singapore. These advocates can work with the company to organise events such as outreach talks or recycling drives.

Mr Jakob Lambsdorff, chief executive of parent company Alba Singapore, said education is important in ensuring that future generations understand the concept of resource sustainability.

“To lay the foundation for a sustainable economy, we believe strongly that environmental education is crucial as they help to effect lasting change and shape our future workforce,” he said in his speech.

“My ITE course teaches me how to repair electronic devices. After undergoing the Micro-Learning Courses, I understood how my skills help extend the lifespan of these electronic devices and conserve Earth’s resources,” said first-year Higher NITEC in Electronics Engineering student Eldon Tay, 17, who had trialed the course while studying in ITE College East.

This comes amida greater emphasis on e-waste recycling here. E-waste was identified as one of the three key waste streams, which is targeted by Singapore’s Resource Sustainability Act, which was implemented in 2019. Producers and importers of electronic goods are required to implement e-waste disposal and recycling schemes for consumers, following the principles of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) approach. The EPR aims to hold companies responsible for the collection and treatment of their products when they are no longer usable.

Alba E-Waste Smart Recycling general manager, Mr Fons Krist believes that as the National Environmental Agency’s appointed Producer Responsibility Scheme Operator for e-waste, educating consumers on proper e-waste recycling behaviour remains important.

He said: “E-waste is currently a growing waste stream globally and the process of waste disposal and recovery is more complex, and can be toxic to the environment and humans.”

Senior Minister of State of the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment Dr Amy Khor, who was the guest of honour at the event, affirmed the partnership between Alba E-Waste Smart Recycling and ITE, and called on Singaporeans to participate actively in other zero-waste and recycling programmes.

She said: “The Government will continue to partner our stakeholders in co-creating and co-delivering zero waste solutions for Singapore. The collective efforts of individuals are an important part of this national effort.”


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