GLS US Adds Automated Sortation System to Its Las Vegas & Ontario Hubs

The Innovative Solution Can Automatically Sort Individual Parcels According to Their Delivery Destination and More 

LAS VEGAS and ONTARIO, Calif., Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, GLS, a full-service logistics company offering freight and parcel delivery services throughout the Western U.S., announced that it had added automated sortation systems to its Las Vegas & Ontario Hubs. The new material-handling systems will immediately grow operational capacity with each capable of processing over 5,000 parcels per hour to predetermined sort lanes based on destination. The systems also includes parcel weighing, measuring, and scanning capabilities which improves processing accuracy. This upgrade adds to GLS’ recent upgrades in Hayward, Phoenix, Sacramento, Santa Fe Springs, Portland, and Visalia facilities. 

In GLS’ recent announcement, COO Steve Griffin commented, “GLS US is always looking for ways to improve our services: Adding an automated sortation system was just one of the many steps we are aiming to take moving forward. Thanks to this improvement, our hubs in Las Vegas and Ontario will be more efficient than ever, as our workforce will have a powerful tool that helps them complete tasks in half the time without any reduction in accuracy. In the future, GLS US plans to make continuous investments to ensure we remain a leader in the shipping and delivery industry.”     

The company offers three shipping services for customers to choose from: Ground, Priority, and Freight. Its service areas include the Western US from Denver to the Pacific with partner carriers operating across the entire US.

GLS US is also investing in efforts to optimize waste disposal, reduce emissions, and responsibly manage natural resources with its “Green Initiative.” The movement includes strategies such as:  

  • Replacing single use shrink raps with reusable bins throughout distribution centers  
  • Offering paperless billing options (an annual reduction of more than 6.6 tons of C02 emissions) 
  • Complying with standards defined by the Electronic Waste Recycling Act when disposing of electronic waste and establishing a corporate recycling program   
  • Providing warehouse facilities with EPA-certified/electric forklifts.  

About GLS: GLS is a global logistics and shipping company that provides parcel and freight delivery throughout the Western US, Canada, and Europe. Its services include Priority, Ground, and Freight delivery.  

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