GLS US Upgrades its Hayward Hub with an Automated Sortation System

Of the company’s announcement, a spokesperson for GLS US commented, “This investment is one of many improvements GLS US has made to prove its commitment to superior shipping services and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the sortation system’s innovative capabilities, GLS US’ Hayward Hub will be able to process parcels faster than ever, notably reducing delivery times without impacting accuracy or efficiency. Moving forward, GLS US will continue to invest in advanced technologies as we position ourselves as a leader in the parcel and freight delivery industry.”

The company currently covers nine service areas with its Ground, Priority, and Freight shipping services. Currently these areas include: 

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • California

“GLS US’ leading shipping services are recognized for their reliability and efficiency — a reputation that the company aims to maintain with additions like our latest automated sortation system,” said the spokesperson. “In the future, our customers can expect to enjoy a growing number of improvements that ensure their requirements are satisfied quickly and accurately, keeping GLS US their number-one stop for all of their shipping needs.”

GLS US has also recently pledged to follow a “Green Initiative” to reduce emissions, optimize waste disposal, and responsibly handle natural resources by:

  • Supplying warehouse facilities with electric/EPA-certified forklifts
  • Using reusable bins in distribution centers in place of single use shrink wrap
  • Increasing the number of paperless billing options for customers to choose from, which reduces more than 6.6 tons of CO2 emissions annually
  • Encouraging a corporate recycling program and following guidelines set by the Electronic Waste Recycling Act when disposing of electronic waste

About GLS US: GLS US is a shipping company that provides parcel and freight delivery throughout the West. Its services include Priority, Ground, and Freight delivery.

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