Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Common household products that are a HHW when discarded are shown below. To see if a material is a HHW, look for words such as ‘warning,’ ‘caution,’ ‘flammable,’ ‘toxic,’ ‘poison,’ ‘corrosive,’ ‘oxidizer,’ etc. on the labels. If you have leftover, unwanted household materials that are hazardous, it is best to routinely take them to a local HHW collection if one is available. Never pour HHW into a storm drain or down a drain in your home. If a collection is not available, contact your trash hauler to see if there are special instructions for safely disposing of the material in the regular trash.

To learn more about HHW hazards and how to find drop-off locations that divert these materials from landfill disposal, click on the pictures for the materials listed below.


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