India needs holistic e-waste policy for sustainable reverse supply chain: Report

NEW DELHI : As India aims to achieve its ambitious climate targets, a recent report said that the country requires a holistic e-waste policy for sustainable reverse supply chain and to regulate the informal sector. 

The report titled ‘The Growing Impact of E-Waste in India’ prepared by Lions Club International and Primus Partners suggested incentivizing producers and companies to offer training courses and certifications to players in the informal sector that undertake the responsibility of repairing, recycling, and reselling electronic products. 

It also suggested incentive systems for consumers to return e-waste sustainability to authorised procurers. 

“E-waste collection should also be made easy and hassle-free for the consumers by offering home-collection services,” the report said, adding that government should also create of an Electronic Upgradation Policy that defines the responsibility for manufacturers to receive and effectively upgrade their products to donate or resell in the market.

It further stressed on the need to build sustainable infrastructure for managing e-waste, including disposal zones, green transport in the supply chain, warehouses for storing e-waste, among others.

India also requires manufacturing capability to be able to produce sustainable, good quality products with a longer lifespan, and guaranteed end-of-life procurement, it said.

Noting that India currently does not possess the technology to extract valuable metals from e-waste in a sustainable manner, the report said that the required technology must be imported or created to be able to extract the wealth from waste.

In line with aim to boost e-waste recycling in the country, Lions Club International will start a nationwide e-waste collection campaign titled as ‘Dump and Donate’ in partnership with Hindustan E-Waste Management Pvt Ltd(HEW), Primus Partners and National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) on 13 January.

“From January 13, 2023, this campaign will be started across over 120 cities of the country. Under this month-long campaign, the members of Lions Club International, will reach out through various schools, institutions and other mediums, and create awareness among the masses about E-waste and its harmful impact on health and environment,“- said A. P. Singh, International Third Vice President of Lions Clubs.

According to the report, the success of this campaign will be a crucial step forward in the fight against e-waste and will push stakeholders to accept responsibility and take control of the problem.

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