India’s New E-Waste Rules Could Require 80% Recycling by 2025, Bring in Certificate Trading

The Environment Ministry this week released its Draft E-waste Management Rules which set fresh standards for businesses to adhere to when it comes to recycling electronic waste.

The draft rules, which have been floated for public comments and may come into effect later this year, also introduce a system of tradable certificates similar to the internationally-traded carbon credits.

Electronics manufacuters and any businesses that generate e-waste will have to ensure at least 60 percent of their electronic waste is collected and recycled by 2023. This will increase to 70 percent by 2024 and 80 percent by 2025.

Violators will have to pay a fine called “environment compensation” which would be refunded in part depending on how late the offenders meet their targets.

A wide range of consumer electronics, telecom equipment, medical equipment and electronic tools have been specified in the rules.


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