Is your Internet service provider meeting the needs of your family’s digital lifestyle?

For the first half of this year, ViewQwest clinched the speed crown among ISPs for the title of the fastest fixed broadband network in Singapore, with top download and upload speeds of 766.53 Mbps and 838.12 Mbps, respectively. In fact, according to network testing company Ookla, ViewQwest has been the fastest in Singapore for five years in a row.

Blazing broadband speeds give you sufficient bandwidth for the whole family to share the same connection, day in and day out, without lag, interruptions or frozen video calls. 


As you use all that speed to do more online, your network security needs to keep up. Greater Internet usage means an increased exposure to cyber threats like spyware, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks and botnet attacks, says ViewQwest. 

“In the second quarter of 2022 alone, we detected and prevented 276 million cyberattacks, including but not limited to, those common threats,” said Ms Francisco-Gamban, who added that this was made possible by ViewQwest’s advanced network security service SecureNet.

Powered by next-generation firewalls that can detect real-time threats and block unauthorised access to your home network, SecureNet helps provide ViewQwest users with 24/7 protection against cyber threats and system network vulnerabilities. 


Besides speed and security, convenience and ease of use are other factors when choosing an ISP.

What helps ViewQwest stand out is what Ms Francisco-Gamban calls its “happily simple and fuss-free process” of signing up via your SingPass. “We are proud to be the first telco to use SingPass in our application process, eliminating the need to manually fill up forms and submit physical documents for verification, and promoting both convenience and data privacy.”

After signing up via SingPass, you can schedule your broadband service to be installed as quickly as within three days.

If you already have a non ISP-locked router, you may be able to keep using it after signing on with ViewQwest’s No Router plans, eliminating the need to exchange hardware or having to find the nearest electronic waste recycling bin.


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