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Don’t make the mistake of hauling old fireworks, road flares, boat fire extinguishers, defunct smoke alarms or anything radioactive to the Hazardous Waste Collection Day on Nov. 5 in Mandeville, or they will all have to be hauled home and shoved back into the garage. 

As nasty as they may be, these are not the kinds of residential hazardous waste that will be accepted at the St. Tammany Parish-wide collection event. They are all on the no-no list and will be rejected.

But there are dozens of other items – themselves pretty nasty – that will be accepted for safe disposal during the 8 a.m. to noon event in the parking lot at 21454 Koop Drive.

Just stick with the simple guidelines: passenger vehicles only, no trailers; residential waste only; stick with any maximum limits specified; and show up during the four prescribed hours to drive through the parking lot. Volunteers there will unload all hazardous wastes that are on the acceptable list. 


Acids and arsenic

Used vehicle oil, antifreeze, brake fluid

Diesel, oil & filters, gasoline

Auto & truck tires* 

Cooking oil, glycerol, glycerin

Batteries – NiCd, lead acid, car batteries

Corrosive cleaning solvents, disinfectants

Oven cleaners, degreasers, bleach, bowl cleaners

latex and oil paints, thinners

Stain, varnish, shellac, turpentine

Polishes, wood preservatives, spray paint

Glue, pool chemicals, lighter fluid

Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides

Fertilizers, bug sprays

Metallic mercury, moth balls

Propane tanks and bottles

Electronic equipment

Computers, copiers, cell phones**

Fax machines, ink cartridges, TVs, stereos**

Fluorescent tubes & bulbs

* Limit of five per vehicle and no rims

** E-wastes


Ammunition, explosives

Fireworks, fire extinguishers

Commercial, industrial, or business waste

Radioactive devices, smoke detectors

Styrofoam peanuts, packaging

Construction and demolition debris

School lab waste

Appliances, furniture

Medical waste, medicines

Helium or freon tanks

Flares, alkaline batteries

Anyone interested in volunteering to help with this contactless, drive-thru Keep St. Tammany Beautiful event should email 

Oh, and here’s a time-saving hack — Don’t bring in dried up paint. The parish says that can go straight into to the residential trash for normal collection.


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