JD(U) demands adequate fund from Centre for effective control on e-waste in Bihar | Patna News

PATNA: JD(U) on Wednesday sought adequate funds from the Centre for effectively controlling the burgeoning volume of electronic waste in Bihar.
“The Centre should initiate steps and provide adequate funds to the Bihar government for regulating the e-waste in the state. According to an estimate, the per capita e-waste stands at 100 to 200 grams in the state and the total volume of e-waste is over a lakh ton per annum,” JD(U) spokesperson and former MLC Ranbir Nandan said in Patna on Wednesday.
Ranbir said that the estimated growth of e-waste in Bihar in the last nine years is roughly 500 percent indicating that its volume is growing alarmingly. “Bihar CM Nitish Kumar apprehended the alarming rise in e-waste much earlier and started its estimation in 2013 itself. The average volume of e-waste then was estimated at 23,000 tons in four cities alone,” he said.
The JDU s spokesman further said that river Ganga, which has a span of 445 kilometres in Bihar, has been polluted hazardously due to heavy disposal of the e-waste in the holy river. The Centre should provide adequate fund to the state to prepare scheme for preventing disposal of e-waste into Ganga, which is a national heritage, and maintain ecological balance, he added.
The former MLC said that approximately 1.25 lakh tons of e-waste is likely to be produced by the end of this year as per an estimate. “The state government has set up over 150 waste collection centres throughout the state and the agencies involved in it have been made responsible for the segregation of e-waste. The Centre and the agencies will have to make proper planning to dispose of the waste material,” he said.
Nandan said that Bihar CM has framed schemes under the Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali Abhiyan to develop natural resources. “It is imperative to draft schemes at the national level taking cue from the model evolved by Nitish Kumar as nature cannot be allowed to be endangered by e-waste. The Central pollution control board had framed guidelines for mobile companies under the e-waste management policy in 2016. It needs to be implemented effectively throughout the country,” he said.


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