Logistics Recycling Inc. Now Offers Dental Amalgam Disposal

The leading recycling firm unveils its dental amalgam disposal service in Green Bay.

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Logistics Recycling Inc., a leading provider of logistics and recycling services, has just announced its dental amalgam disposal service. The company has been serving other businesses for over 25 years, providing safe and reliable solutions for handling waste throughout their lifetimes. When we think about the world of recycling, we typically think about things like cans, bottles, and paper. But the truth is, many more items can be recycled and reused. One such item is dental amalgam.

Dentists use this type of metal to fill cavities in teeth because it has a low melting point compared to other metals used in dentistry at the time (gold) or later (alloys). Amalgam has been used for over 100 years. Still, its reputation as an environmentally harmful material has grown over time due to concerns over mercury contamination from processing materials containing certain levels of elemental mercury into amalgams during manufacturing processes using cesium vapor lamps (which emit mainly ultraviolet light) for sterilization purposes; however, these types of lamps have now been phased out due to their toxicity issues which could cause serious health problems like heart failure if someone were exposed long term if they worked with them regularly enough.

Dental amalgam has always been controversial because it contains small amounts of mercury, which can leach into the environment if it isn’t disposed of properly. Mercury is a heavy metal that can cause significant damage to humans in the long term. It has been linked to neurological disorders and found in the environment at deficient levels, which means it can be harmful to humans and animals.

The firm provides hazardous waste collection and disposal for medical waste, x-rays, and other hazardous materials in the Green Bay area. In addition to medical waste services, the firm also offers electronic recycling and disposal and electrical component disposal (e.g., computer servers).

It also provides medical equipment disposal services where no local government authority or regulatory body is responsible for administering this type of service; therefore, you must understand what you’re getting into before agreeing on terms with your supplier or contractor.

The future of this industry is bright, and the company is excited to be a part of it. The beauty of its service is that it uses the latest technology to ensure that every item is handled and disposed of as soon as possible. “We want everyone in our area to know they can trust us with their trash disposal needs!” said the organization’s CEO.

About Logistics Recycling Inc.

Logistics Recycling Inc. is a full-service waste and recycling company that has been in business since 1993. They have HQ in Ashwaubenon, Green Bay, WI, with additional facilities throughout the Midwest and nationwide capabilities through their network of affiliated regional partners.

Logistics’ mission is simple—to create value for its customers by providing solutions to their needs through innovative solutions that reduce costs while improving efficiency and environmental performance across all industries, including the food, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors.

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