Mumbai School Launches E-waste Collection & Recycling Campaign

Orchids The International School (OIS), one of the leading K12 school chains in India, has recently launched an e-waste collection campaign across its schools. The school chain has partnered with Just Dispose Recycling Pvt Limited to sensitise students about the e-waste management process and how they can play a role in identifying e-waste products and contributing towards the e-waste recycling process by understanding the segregation process and disposal.

With the goal of inculcating the best recycling habits amongst its students, OIS will be collecting e-waste from students across all Grades in its schools. E-Waste items include old or broken laptops, PC, Tabs, mouse, speakers, batteries, power banks, chargers, cookers, grinders, TV, headphones, CDs, and old mobile phones, among others. These items will then be shared with the respective partner recycling firm. The school chain has already collected around 500 kgs of e-waste products in the last one month from across branches from 4 cities – Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad. Overall, 35000 students participated in the campaign.

Speaking on the initiative, Sarvamangala Koti Singhal, Head of Public Relations & CSR at Orchids The International School, said, “Children today utilize several electronic items in their daily lives. But once these items become old or broken, they don’t have enough knowledge or provision for their proper disposal. It is important for them to understand the hazardous effect of electronic waste on the environment. Hence, through this campaign, students at OIS will get the opportunity to learn about proper e-waste disposal methods. We at Orchids The International School, firmly believe that by spreading awareness through such initiatives, our students will be more mindful of the usage and disposal of products that affect our environment. They act as the Eco-warriors of tomorrow.”

Orchids The International School is implementing the drive across its 90 branches spread over 25 major cities. The overall objective of the program is to promote sustainability and recycling. This is in line with the goals set by the Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) 2.0 to fast-track the country’s smooth transition to a circular economy.


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