Nmc Plans To Segregate Electronic Waste At Source | Nashik News

Nashik: The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) is planning the segregation of electronic waste (e-waste) at the source and special arrangements will be made for the same in the garbage vans.
Nashik municipal commissioner Chandrakant Pulkundwar on Tuesday held a meeting with civic officials from the solid waste department, environment and mechanical department on e-waste collection and recycling issues.
Pulkundwar told TOI that he has instructed the officials to make segregation of e-waste mandatory for the city residents.
“The residents will have to segregate the waste into dry, wet, plastic, electronic and domestic hazardous waste. The officials have been told to take measures in this connection,” said Pulkundwar.
E-waste has emerged as one of the major issues for the civic body following the growth of Information Technology (IT). Hence, NMC has started taking measures on the issue.
The civic body officials said that they have been working on the collection of e-waste from the residents and handing it over to the companies involved in its recycling.
“We have plans to collect e-waste through garbage vans and a separate compartment or arrangement will be made for segregation of the e-waste and other waste at the source,” said NMC officials. “The e-waste collected through garbage vans is to be handed over to the companies involved in recycling e-waste,” said the officials.


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