Ontario County committee recommends grant to Canandaigua for waste reduction | News

CANANDAIGUA — The Ontario County Board of Supervisors’ Planning & Environmental Quality committee approved a request from the city of Canandaigua for $40,000 to help pay for a new waste-reduction program.

The committee’s approval on Monday will now go to the full Board of Supervisors for a final vote in October.

In an Aug. 22 letter to county Director of Sustainability and Waste Management Carla Jordan, City Manager John Goodwin said the money would be used to help pay for 64-gallon garbage toters and 96-gallon recycling toters for all single-family and two- to four-family dwellings. If a property needs additional garbage toters, a pay-to-throw fee of $37.50 will be charged quarterly for each additional toter.

“No garbage will be collected outside of a city-issued toter,” Goodwin said. “This new pay-to-throw fee is designed to limit the amount of waste that a property can dispose of weekly and provides an incentive for residents to reduce the amount of waste they produce to be contained within a single container.”

Goodwin said he hopes the program will reduce the number of injuries to city sanitation workers by reducing the repetitive heavy lifting and use of containers that can be lifted into trucks mechanically.

“This program will also help the county in its efforts to reduce the amount of waste that is landfilled,” Goodwin said.

In 2017, the city received about $95,000 from the county toward waste reduction and recycling programs. The money came from Casella Waste Systems, the company that manages the Ontario County Landfill in Seneca, as a “success” payment after Casella obtained a state permit to expand upward by 43.5 acres, extending the life of the landfill until 2028. The city returned $43,298.85 of that in 2020.

Several years ago, the city provided 96- and 64-gallon recycling toters to replace 16-gallon blue boxes in an effort to encourage and increase recycling. City officials also implemented an education campaign.

The city did not provide garbage toters before and does not have a pay-to-throw fee as of now.

“This can result in not only unsightly and unsanitary conditions on our city streets, but also large amounts of waste being collected and ending up in the landfill,” Goodwin said.

In other action Monday:

LEACHATE — Landfill manager Brian Sanders said the state Department of Environmental Conservation has approved the installation of a leachate storage tank. He said bids for the tank will go out Oct. 5. He said Casella officials hope to see it installed in February and operational by April.

STRAWS — Committee members discussed a ban on the use of plastic straws in the city of Geneva, as suggested by city officials. It was decided that a ban would not be feasible, but an educational campaign to encourage restaurants not to offer a straw unless requested by a customer was proposed.

MATTRESS RECYCLING — Jordan said a recent mattress recycling event saw 122 collected in Geneva and 143 in Canandaigua. Jordan deemed it a success and said another such event will be scheduled in 2023.

E-WASTE — A $5,000 allocation to the town of Victor was approved to help fund an electronic waste collection event in conjunction with the Victor school district and the high school’s Robotics Club.


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