Portsmouth electrical recycling firm urging people to gift second hand tech presents this Christmas

Gary said: ‘Lots of people want to buy people gifts for Christmas, such as tablets, laptops or phones. Refurbished items are often in just as good a condition as brand-new items, but when it comes to Christmas gifting, it is often overlooked as people head straight to the big companies such as Apple and Amazon.

David Edwards, co-owner of Southern Electrical Recycling in Portsmouth. The Southern Electrical Recycling warehouse in Hilsea, Portsmouth.

‘But if people buy refurbished, they’re not only helping reduce the amount of e-waste that goes to landfill but will save money with the receiver of the gift being just as happy with the item as they would be if it were new. Our laptops range from about £80 to £250 so that’s a huge saving, but whether they buy through us or somewhere else, it’s still just as important to at least consider.’

The pair are also encouraging businesses and start-up companies to consider choosing second-hand computer equipment, whether they’re looking for equipment or just themselves.

David said: ‘We recently helped a local Hilsea-based marketing firm kit out their whole office with refurbished computers, laptops, mice, keyboards – you name it. Now the owner’s been able to grow the company because he’s not had as many start-up costs and is returning frequently to get more equipment as his team grows.

‘It’s quite frightening how much waste electronic electrical equipment goes to landfill if it’s not recycled. That’s a lot of toxic chemicals and materials that will pollute the air and that’s the very last thing we need right now.’


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