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The Division of Recycling offers residents recycling pickup once a week. Jersey City residents must separate curbside recycling into two bins: one for plastic, glass, and aluminum, and one for mixed paper.

Effective October 1, residents should place their recyclables at the curb no earlier than 5-7pm, collection will begin at 8pm. Please DO NOT put your recycling into plastic bags. Place your recycling directly into the bins.



We can reduce our waste and energy consumption by recycling. According to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP):

  • Recycling results in reduced emissions of air and water pollutants.
  • Recycling reduces the need for mining and drilling, both of which cause air and water pollution.
  • Manufacturing with recycled materials, with very few exceptions, produces less air and water pollution than manufacturing with virgin materials. It results in a net reduction for ten major categories of air pollutants (such as nitrogen oxide, particulates, and sulfur oxides) and eight major categories of water pollutants.
  • Recycling leads to reductions in greenhouse gas generation by saving energy needed to extract natural resources, by increased forest carbon sequestration (through the saving of trees), by using less energy in manufacturing and by reducing the amount of waste burned or buried.
  • On average, approximately 1.67 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) equivalents are avoided for every ton of municipal solid waste recycled.



Not sure how to recycle an item?

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Jersey City Division of Sanitation is pleased to announce Recycle Coach, a new statewide platform that promotes recycling education and awareness. Jersey City residents will be able to set personalized reminders on collection days and search how to properly dispose of items.*

This app will be available on all Apple, Android, and Google Home and Alexa home products and will send notifications to residents with many features to help us reduce waste and recycle more.

*Jersey City does not currently recycle coffee paper cups, juice boxes, milk cartons, or other tetra paks.

Please note that Jersey City collects recycling and trash on ALL holidays unless stated otherwise. Recycle Coach may state that there is no recycling and trash collection on holidays (red flag icon on the calendar) which is NOT correct.



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