SCZone Signs MoU for Waste Recycling

Wed 16 Nov 2022 | 07:06 PM

Walid Gamal El-Din, Chairman of the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone), signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Karim Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of e-tadweer, a company specialized in the recycling of electronic waste; with the rules and provisions in force in this regard.

The head of the economic zone indicated in a statement that a study will be conducted to find out the type and quantity of waste produced by factories annually, which are suitable for recycling or disposal in a safe manner, in addition to making an electronic system for factories to know the percentage of waste produced by factories and then disposing of them according to the standards applied locally and internationally.

On the other hand, Gamal El-Din signed a framework agreement with Sherif El-Gabaly, Director of LibraCarbon, a company specialized in the field of environmental project services, carbon and other greenhouse emissions.

The head of the economic zone stated that this agreement contributes to developing the awareness of companies, especially those operating within the scope of the economic zone, of the need to preserve the environment through several methods such as; issuing certificates, bonds, or any other product that can be bought and sold. It is issued for the benefit of individuals or companies as a result of projects or activities that contribute to preserving and protecting the environment and achieving sustainability in the environmental and social fields.

These certificates include; green certificates or carbon certificates that are issued to those whose projects have succeeded in reducing carbon and greenhouse emissions in accordance with the laws in force in Egypt. These environmental products may be exchanged between the parties to the relevant market, by completing procedures for issuing, coding and registering them in various fields and marketing them.


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