SK ecoplant to Take Wraps off Its Future Energy Value Chain at CES 2023

SK ecoplant will showcase its future energy technologies at CES 2023.

SK ecoplant announced on Dec. 28 that it will introduce its future energy value chain at CES 2023 to be held in Las Vegas of the United States from Jan. 5 to 8.

SK Group’s eight affiliates including SK ecoplant will participate in CES 2023 to showcase their advanced energy, communication, semiconductor and battery technologies.

SK ecoplant plans to introduce its future energy value chains, including waste-recycling technology, renewable energy, and green hydrogen. SK Group’s pavilion at CES 2023 will consist of five sections. SK ecoplant will participate in two sections — Waste to Resources and Future Energy.

In the Waste to Resources Section, SK ecoplant will showcase recycling technology that extracts rare metals such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel from used batteries. A model conveyor belt will show an entire waste battery recycling process in which SK ecoplant is boosting its global competitiveness by speeding up technology development and securing more waste batteries.

SK ecoplant plans to secure waste batteries for recycling based on the Hub & Spoke System that concentrates waste batteries from branch at the center and classifies and distributes them to branches. It is expanding its global network led by its subsidiary TES which already has 44 electrical/electronic waste (e-waste) treatment facilities in 22 countries around the world.

In the Future Energy Section, SK ecoplant will introduce its entire value chain from business development and operation, licenses and permits, key equipment manufacturing, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and green hydrogen production and transportation in the field of new and renewable energy such as offshore wind power, solar power, and fuel cells through a video on a big screen.

“We will preoccupy the future energy market in a self-contained and prompt manner based on our value chain across all domains including offshore wind power, solar power, hydrogen fuel cells, green hydrogen and green ammonia,” said Park Kyung-il, president of SK ecoplant. “SK ecoplant will establish itself as a global company with differentiated competitiveness in future markets with big growth potential such as waste battery recycling.”


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