Some Stocktonians will have a new garbage bill summer 2022

Some Stockton residents will have another bill showing up this summer when garbage and recycling billing is split from city utilities July 1.  

2019 city agreements with haulers Republic Services and Waste Management included hauler-provided billing services. Starting July 1, Stocktonians who receive their water bill from the city will receive a quarterly bill from their trash hauler for garbage and recycling separate from their monthly city utility bill.  

Some areas of the city are serviced by California Water Service and have already been receiving three separate bills — a monthly Cal Water utility bill, a monthly city of Stockton utility bill for storm drain and sewer, and a hauler-billed quarterly garbage and recycling bill — since the beginning of 2022.  

The renegotiated hauler contracts and billing changes are in part a result of changes to state law. SB 1383 is aimed at reducing methane and short-lived climate pollutants at landfills through requiring organics recycling and edible food rescue that is currently being disposed as surplus.  


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