South Carolina passes overhaul of e-scrap recycling

The current law in South Carolina bans consumers from knowingly discarding covered devices in a landfill, effective July 1, 2011. And as of Jan. 1, 2015, television and computer manufacturers have been required to join a representative organization or submit an individual plan to create a consumer electronic device stewardship program and provide for the recycling of TVs and computers collected by participating local governments.

Under the new bill, starting in 2023, recoverers – defined as an entity that reuses or recycles a covered device – that store, consolidate or process covered devices will be required to register with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and pay a $3,000 registration fee.

The existing requirement that manufacturers pay an annual registration fee of $3,500 is retained by the bill; however, the bill removes sections that require representative organizations to pay an annual registration fee of $20,000.

Under the bill, manufacturers of covered devices that sell 100 or fewer devices per year would be exempt from registration or penalty. The existing law sets the level at 500 or fewer devices.

In addition, manufacturers would not be required to participate in a clearinghouse under the bill – they could act independently to fulfill requirements of the regulation.

If the legislation becomes law, a stakeholder group will be formed on June 1, 2026 to provide a report on operational and financial impacts of the program on local governments and manufacturers and other concerns or recommendations.

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