Stafford Landfill Offers Free Disposal For GFL Customers This Month

STAFFORD COUNTY, VA — GFL customers in Stafford can dump trash for free at the Rappahannock Regional Landfill for a limited time, the Stafford County Government announced on Monday.

In a news release, county officials said the decision to waive disposal fees for GFL customers came due to reports of inconsistent trash collection in recent weeks. The Stafford County Board of Supervisors and the Rappahannock Regional Solid Waste Management Board, also known as the R-Board, made the decision to temporarily waive the disposal fees.

GFL customers in Stafford County can dump their trash at the Rappahannock Regional Landfill for no charge through July 24. In the news release, county officials said an extension of the waived fees is possible if it’s needed.

“The Board of Supervisors and the R-Board have heard from many residents of the inconsistent trash pickup since two of the private companies serving Stafford were sold,” Phil Hathcock, Regional Landfill Director, said in a news release on Monday. “This action today is something we can do immediately to alleviate the impact to the community as we continue to work with GFL to improve its services.”

Last week, one Patch reader wrote that GFL had only collected their recycling once over the course of three weeks.

“Both of my cans have now been at the curb for almost a week and I haven’t seen any trucks in our neighborhood,” Angela Gibb wrote in a post on Patch. “They don’t answer the phone nor respond to emails. I see a lot of cans throughout our neighborhood and am hearing the same thing from other neighbors.”

On Facebook, the official page for the Stafford County government responded to the concerns voiced by several residents about GFL.

“The Board members who also serve on the R-Board are pressuring them and checking in with them every day or so,” the County’s Facebook page wrote in a response to a comment. “There have been a few improvements like the robocalls and postcards with new pickup days, but you are right, improvement has been slow.”

Stafford County GFL customers who would like to take their own trash to the Rappahannock Regional Landfill can have the usual fee waived if they show their GFL bill. County officials said a paper or electronic copy of the bill is acceptable.

Residents who live in a homeowners’ association and do not receive a bill can tell landfill staff the name of their HOA to have the disposal fee waived.

GFL has not responded to Patch’s request for comment.


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