Telangana: E-scrap refinery ready, op to begin by November-end | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad-based Re Sustainability Reldan Refining Limited is all set to launch an e-waste refinery plant at Dundigal by end of November – touted to be the first in India. The plant will have the capacity to process over 20,000 tonnes of e-waste every year, said officials of the company, a joint venture between Re Sustainability Limited and US-based Reldan Metals.
According to senior executives of Re Sustainability, the project aims to act as a central hub for e-scrap processing to reduce the overall burden from the IT, electronics and communications hub. “Waste is a source of recovering precious metals. Out e-waste refinery will not only process this waste but also reduce stress on conventional metal mining and contribute to a circular economy,” said Masood Mallick, CEO of the firm adding that they chose Hyderabad as the location since the city is fast becoming the capital for circular economy in India, with large capacity recycling and resource recovery initiatives either already underway or being planned.

E-waste plant to be processed at the plant include cellphones, laptops, computers and other electronic goods to recover precious metals such as gold, silver, cobalt and other alloys. Data shows, India is the third largest producer of electronic waste and has so far seen 80% of them being processed by the informal sector. According to Niti Ayog, there are over 3,000 centres engaged in informal e-waste recycling in and around various cities.
“However, separating the waste manually exposes them to various irreversible health hazards. This kind of unscientific processing leads to negligible resource recovery increasing the load on the environment,” a senior executive associated with the plant told TOI.


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