TELUS sponsored Canada’s first circular economy month in October

Bettering the environment by repairing, upcycling, and recycling our phones

By Chadd Cawson Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

If we aren’t on our phones, then they are certainly nearby. We value our mobile devices until they no longer hold their value. Then what? Telus sponsored Canada’s first-ever circular economy month in October, an awareness campaign that focused on the importance of repairing, recycling and upcycling to reduce electronic waste.

In collaboration with the circular innovation council (CIC),Telus made a commitment to drive positive environmental change by prolonging the lifespan of connected devices and reducing the piles of electronic waste out of landfills. It’s something everyone who lives on the breathtaking unceded territories of the Secwépemc and Ktunaxa Peoples and the land chosen as home by the Métis Peoples of B.C can appreciate: a healthier environment.

The awareness campaign aligned with the focus Telus plans to put on: environmental sustainability and its long-standing efforts to help preserve and protect our planet.

In an October press release, Jo-Anne St. Godard, executive director, CIC, said, “Circular economy month provides us an opportunity to think about how production and consumption effects our environment. It is also a time to celebrate innovation and reimagine how we produce, use and discard products to increase their value and reduce environmental impacts. Woven into our everyday lives, cell phones are a perfect candidate to help Canadians engage in circular practices by purchasing devices that are produced with minimal natural resources, designed for durability, repaired, refurbished and easy to recycle. These are all characteristics of a product that supports a circular economy. By joining as a founding partner, Telus is demonstrating its commitment to doing its part of facilitating and promoting Canada’s transition to a circular economy.”

Telus is encouraging Canadians to repair, recycle or upcycle their pre-loved phones or tablets.

“To date, TELUS and our customers have responsibly recycled over 3.5 million devices and counting; this year alone, we’ve upcycled more than 80,000 used handsets into certified pre-owned devices, with potential savings of over 2,000 metric tonnes of carbon emissions each year when compared to selling new devices,” said Jim Senko, executive vice president and president, mobility solutions at Telus, in an October press release.

“We’re so passionate about the circular economy and the power of responsible device recycling as pre-loved devices are put back into the market through resale, our bring-it backprogram or repairing devices at our mobile Klinik stores so they can have a prolonged life.”

Columbia Valley residents can help by taking steps to repair their phones rather than being quick to toss them aside. Telus’ mobile Klinik stores will take care of concerns such as cracked screen, sluggish operating systems, and water damage, to name a few. There are 125 across Canada; the closest for Columbia Valley residents is in Cranbrook.

Telus will plant a tree for every device recycled as part of their mission to plant its one millionth tree.


Chadd Cawson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Columbia Valley Pioneer


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