The unknown fine for throwing a mobile or PC in the trash that can ruin you

Neither a mobile phone nor a computer. You can’t throw them away when you don’t want them anymore.: it is a very big infraction and you may have to pay a fine of more than 40,000 euros if we throw certain waste in the garbage normally.

Serious offenses

We must bear in mind that electronic waste is a serious environmental problem and there are penalties for mismanagement of WEEE waste or, what is the same, mismanagement of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Given its importance, there are many fines that we can receive depending on the infraction. The law divides offenses between serious, very serious and minor. What does the severity level depend on? Of the type of garbage and the danger.

The law contemplates as very serious infractions acts such as “Abandoning, dumping or indiscriminate elimination of hazardous waste provided for in the law, and in general of any type of waste, which puts people’s health at serious risk, occurs a deterioration of the environment or is carried out in protected spaces”. And they are considered as serious infractions “The mixture of different types of hazardous waste as long as it does not have serious consequences for the health of people and the environment”, for example, among others.

Can they fine us? Depending on the seriousness of the offense fines can range from 45,001 euros to 1,750.00 in the case of hazardous waste that causes irreparable damage, but normally we will not have to pay a million euros if we throw the mobile phone in the trash, although we can receive fines of thousands of euros in the case of serious infractions or up to 300,000 euros this is hazardous waste.

Where to throw them?

If you have a mobile phone or any type of computer material You should not throw it in the bin of your home or your company, but look for a clean point dedicated to that or use waste management companies that are responsible for destroying it and doing it confidentially without endangering our data.

mobile phones can be donated or reused but we can also recycle them at a nearby recycling point in your city, in the corresponding section. Also here we can take all kinds of computers and the like, storage units such as pen drives or old disks or CDs, batteries or even old cameras that you do not want to use and have at home. This is also where we take broken ink cartridges and printers etc. But never to the bin because they can penalize you for throwing this type of waste.


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