The war on talent: empower employees with the right tech

The war on talent continues across all sectors in line with the hybrid shift, and as a result, future skilled employees (opens in new tab) are reassessing their priorities. Previously employers could lure future workers in with the promise of a nicely designed office space, or free lunches, but now, it’s not so simple. Technology is front and center of the employee (opens in new tab) retention debate, it’s not only a case of providing them with the equipment that makes working easier but empowering them with the hardware to work flexibly, seamlessly and collaborate with colleagues hassle-free

About the author

Nick Offin is Head of Sales, Marketing & Operations at Dynabook (opens in new tab) Northern Europe.

Technology should foster efficiency, creativity and collaboration (opens in new tab). At its best, it should help teams generate, capture, and act upon great ideas that drive the business forward. Furthermore, in the new world of hybrid working (opens in new tab), it should also make it easier for employees to work on the go, achieve a healthy work/life balance and collaborate flexibly. When it doesn’t, employee productivity (opens in new tab) and experience can suffer. ITDMs that understand this should increase their focus on employee experience initiatives that improve employee-facing technology.

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