This ‘wind harvester’ can convert the slightest breeze into electricity for small-scale gadgets

The lightweight, durable gadget, known as a wind harvester, also directs any unused electricity to a battery so that it may be stored and used to power gadgets when there is no wind.

The findings were published in Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing‘s September issue.

External circuit for charging capacitors and lighting LED.

The researchers claim that their creation has the potential to take the place of batteries in the powering of sensors for structural health monitoring and light-emitting diode (LED) lights.

These are used to monitor the structural health of metropolitan constructions like skyscrapers and bridges, warning engineers of problems like instabilities or physical damage.

Wind power has attracted extensive research attention

Professor Yang Yaowen, a structural engineer from NTU’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), who led the project, said, “As a renewable and clean energy source, wind power generation has attracted extensive research attention. Our research aims to tackle the lack of a small-scale energy harvester for more targeted functions, such as powering smaller sensors and electronic devices.”

“The device we developed also serves as a potential alternative to smaller lithium-ion batteries, as our wind harvester is self-sufficient and would only require occasional maintenance, and does not use heavy metals, which, if not disposed of properly, could cause environmental problems.”


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