Tiruppur Corporation conducts ‘Nothing is waste’ awareness campaign

In an effort to encourage proper disposal of electronic waste (e-waste), the Tiruppur Corporation has launched ‘Nothing is waste’ initiative.

It conducted an awareness camp on Saturday in which more than 50 school students exchanged e-waste for money.

Corporation Commissioner Kranthi Kumar Pati told The Hindu the civic body organised the camp with the help of Thuppuravalan, an NGO authorised by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) to collect the e-waste. The collected waste would be sent to a company in Tiruvannamalai that process and recycle e-waste.

“By engaging NGOs and companies who have the expertise to handle e-waste, the Corporation can save manpower and transportation cost,” said Mr. Pati. 

He also said the corporation has plans to create designated collection centres that will acts as e-waste exchange, in which people can deposit their e-waste.

As per the Extended Producer Responsibility clause of the  E-Waste Management Rules, 2016, companies have to get back and recycle prescribed quantity of the waste.

The Commissioner said this model of waste management was planned to create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders. 

On Saturday, students from Vriksha International School and Sri Sai Matriculation Higher Secondary School participated in the awareness camp and deposited nearly 200 kg of e-waste. The Corporation with the support of a few more NGOs in the city collected another 980 kg of e-waste. 

A corporation official said, during the campaign e- wastes collected included defunct CPUs, mobile phones, laptops, and audio-video equipment. On an average, consumers would be paid ₹24 per kg, but it also depended on the product, he added.

The Commissioner conducted a virtual meeting with the officials from the District School Education Department, headmasters and college principals in the city, regarding participation of students and awareness creation about the ‘People’s Movement for Clean Cities’ campaign.

Deputy Mayor R. Balasubramaniam said the initiative would be expanded to make door-to-door e-waste collection. “Getting a nominal sum of money for the waste would incentivise people not to dump it in soil,” he added.


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