Two agencies engaged for e-waste management in Ghaziabad city

The Ghaziabad municipal corporation has engaged two private agencies to collect and properly dispose of electronic waste (E-waste) from households in 100 residential wards, in accordance with provisions of the E-waste Management Rules. Officials said that they have also chalked out another provision for the registration of scrap dealers within municipal limits.

Ghaziabad city had no provision for the collection and scientific disposal of E-waste so far. The agencies will send their collection vehicles to households and pay according to predefined charges for old electronic items. “The two agencies have been approved by the Central Pollution Control Board and will dispose of E-waste at their respective plants. We have also rolled out a list of charges that the agencies will pay to residents when they hand over their old/unusable items. Residents are also free to negotiate rates if they think their items are in good condition,” said Mithilesh Kumar, city health officer.

He added that there is no estimation of E-waste generation in the city available with the corporation. According to the rates, residents will get 2400 for their 1.5-tonne old/scrap air conditioner, and the 2400 for their 1-tonne one. Likewise, old/scrap smartphones can be sold at a rate of 120, while old/scrap laptops will fetch 800 each. Some old/scrap electronic items like stabilisers and UPS systems will fetch 32 per kilogram, while computer accessories like mouse and keyboards will fetch 20 per kilogram.

“This will streamline our E-waste collection and also reduce pollution. As of now, these old items are generally collected by scrap dealers who dismantle or even burn them to extract metals. These activities lead to air and other forms of pollution and scrap being left in open spaces. In order to further control such activities, the corporation has also planned to introduce a proposal in its upcoming board meeting on September 16 to register scrap dealers,” Kumar added.

Officials said that the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) raised an objection over the non-registration of scrap dealers in the city during its audit of the corporation’s accounts. At present, unregistered scrap dealers roam around in localities and collect scrap items. Officials said that once the proposal is approved by the corporation board, such scrap dealers will not be able to operate till they get prior approvals from the pollution board, and the Uttar Pradesh fire department. They will also be required to have proper infrastructure for the scientific disposal of scrap.

“Post-Covid, there have been about 250 illegal units which were raided and dismantled. These were mostly operating in Loni and dealing in unauthorised E-waste, the majority of which were collected from outside sources,” said Utsav Sharma, regional officer, UP pollution control board.

According to environmentalists, provisions for E-waste management should have been put in place a long time ago. “The city is growing and huge amounts of E-waste are generated daily. The civic agency has just implemented provisions laid down by law. However, once the initiative has started, it should be implemented in long run and monitored as well,” said Akash Vashishtha, city-based environmentalist and a lawyer.


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