Vancouver-based Cyber Acoustics turning industry on its ear

When Steve Erickson and his partner bought their Vancouver-based company, Cyber Acoustics, they realized just how many headsets they ship to customers. Then they thought about where all those headsets went when they didn’t work anymore.

“We realized most of them are in garbage cans,” said Erickson, chief operating officer. They decided they needed to do something about that.

Cyber Acoustics started in Vancouver in 1996. The owners had been a part of Labtech, one of the first companies that made speakers for PCs. That company was sold to Logitech and the men founded Cyber Acoustics. In 2020, the company was purchased by Steve Erickson and his partner. It’s still based in Vancouver, although production is done overseas. Much of the company’s administration and its North American warehouse distribution center are located locally.

Erickson said the company now focuses on providing headsets in the education sector. It is already one of the top suppliers of headsets to U.S. schools. The products, he added, are built for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade.

“We’re trying to make them indestructible,” Erickson said. “We want to make sure when the kid bites on the cord or when they take their headset and throw it against the wall, it doesn’t break.”


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