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Every so often I like to dedicate our monthly column to answering some of the most common questions we are receiving at the KFB office in hopes of reaching others that may be seeking the same information.

Currently most calls we receive are in regard to upcoming events details.

The Metal and Electronics Recycling Event will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 31, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the Ilgenfritz Parking Lot, located on the southeast corner of Fourth Street and Park Avenue in downtown Fremont. There will be recycling fees for select electronics, including but not limited to, televisions, monitors, microwaves, and alkaline batteries. However, there will be no charge for most electronic devices.

The full list of items and recycling fees can be found on our website at under the Events tab. An important piece of information that is not noted online is that KFB received a $2,000 Community Grant from our local Walmart store to assist participants with recycling fees. A $100 credit will be given to each vehicle coming through to recycle electronics until grant funds are depleted.

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The following recycling event will not only help protect our environment, but also your identity. Nye Health Services will host a community paper shred on Saturday, Sept. 10, from 9 to 11 a.m. at Nye Pointe, located at 2700 Laverna St. There will be a limit of 50 pounds or two boxes per person. Information sensitive documents will be shred onsite and recycled into new paper products.

Next in line is the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event. This is an important one to pay attention to as it is the only option available for Dodge County residents to properly dispose of many common household hazardous waste items. This collection will take place on Saturday, Oct. 1, from 8:30 a.m. to noon at Christensen Field, located at 1710 W. 16th St. Please visit the KFB website to review the list of items that will be accepted.

Throughout 2022, we have frequently received inquiries regarding a free scrap tire collection event. Unfortunately, due to limited funding, there are no scrap tire collection events taking place this year that will allow Dodge County residents to participate. We are hopeful that our area will be served in 2023 and encourage you to hold on to your unwanted tires in the meantime and check back with us early next year. If you are not able to store your unwanted tires, consider repurposing them or disposing of them at the Transfer Station, located at 1200 Hamilton St.

We are always thrilled to hear from ambitious recyclers who are searching for free local drop site options. Two materials we are commonly asked about are plastic and paper. While we do have free recycling options available for many items, such as aluminum, glass, and cardboard, we do not for plastic or paper. I encourage you to check with our local haulers to find out if curbside recycling is something you could add to your monthly budget. If it is not, consider asking a neighbor, friend, or family member if they would like to share a recycling bin to help with the cost.

And last but not least, are City of Fremont ordinance violation complaints. If you would like to report an ordinance violation, such as an overgrown lawn, please call the Fremont Police Department’s non-emergency number at 402-727-2677.

Casey Vaughan is executive director of Keep Fremont Beautiful. She can be reached at 529 North Main Street, Suite 4, Fremont, or at 402-941-6122.


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