Verity ES launches with new data disposal software solution

Verity ES, a new company created by electronic waste management and data sanitation solutions provider Revert Inc., officially launched Tuesday with the release of data eradication software.

Disposing of sensitive data can be just as important as acquiring it in the first place — or more so. Organizations that fail to eradicate data from or dispose of end-of-life devices containing sensitive or private information can face stiff fines from government regulators. This has led to a robust data destruction services market that is estimated to be worth $12.82 billion now and is projected to reach $25.10 billion by 2027.

Verity ES’s new software:

  • Automatically determines the optimal method to eradicate data on each device and media type;
  • Eradicates data across a range of devices and storage media;
  • Automates the data eradication process to increase speed and sanitization success rate;
  • Uses data analytics to allow customers to monitor operational performance in real-time; and,
  • Helps customers determine the most efficient processes to reduce overall eradication timelines.

“The Verity ES certified, patent-pending enterprise software provides industry-leading data eradication security, economics and operational support, enabling organizations to permanently eliminate sensitive and private data extremely quickly, easily and across the widest range of devices and storage media,” said Saeed Karim, CEO of Revert and Verity ES, in a statement.


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