What if your laptop was a keyboard? Pentaform envisions a new future for portable PCs

London-based tech startup Pentaform has, it seems, struck gold. Its ‘Abacus’ compact PC was officially revealed earlier this year at CES, and when the Kickstarter for funding opened in July the £35,000 goal was smashed in under two hours. A few months later and the Kickstarter is at almost ten times the original goal, with Pentaform now pushing to deliver the product to markets in third-world countries.

The Abacus is a pretty ingenious bit of hardware; a compact keyboard with the touchpad to the right and a removable block to the left, the latter of which contains a quad-core Intel Atom Z8350 processor, typically found in ultra-compact PCs like this.

The removable ‘computer module’ features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity along with physical ports for you to plug it into any monitor and get straight to work. Windows 10 comes pre-installed, and it’s Linux-compatible too. It’s not exactly a high-powered machine, but it’s pretty capable considering its size – three different models are available with a variety of specs.

(Image credit: Pentaform)

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