How To Dispose of Old Appliances

When your refrigerator finally gives out or your dryer stops working efficiently, it’s time for an upgrade. Disposing of large appliances and electronics can be difficult. Find out how you can avoid sending your large items to a landfill and choose local, reliable appliance and electronics recycling services.

Sell Your Appliance

First, check to see if your appliance has any value. Someone in your community may be able to repair a damaged appliance or may be happy to buy a used appliance for their home. Selling an appliance gives you extra cash and can help out a neighbor in need.

Of course, selling can come with its own inconveniences. You may have to remove your appliance on your own and send it to the buyer. This can be stressful and difficult, particularly if you sell it to an individual who lives miles away and isn’t available to pick it up.

Recycle Your Appliance

If your appliance is damaged, obsolete or not worth selling, consider recycling services. At High Tech Recycling, we recycle appliances and avoid sending them to a landfill. Our comprehensive services are designed to meet your needs and make it safe and easy to recycle your electronics and appliances. Here are a few ways you can safely recycle large items:

  • Schedule a curbside pickup
  • Stop by a local collection bin
  • Visit our location for a public drop off

Drop-off locations vary, so contact our team to discuss your appliance recycling needs and find a convenient location near you. We service the entire Metro Detroit area with various drop-off points and pickup locations

Benefits of Local Recycling Programs

There are a number of reasons to recycle your appliances and electronics. The most important reason is the hazardous materials. The refrigerant in your old refrigerator, air conditioner or dehumidifier can release harmful greenhouse gasses if not disposed of correctly. Other old appliances use mercury and other harmful materials. A recycling program handles these responsibly and ensures they are reused or disposed of safely.

Responsible recycling is being committed to reusing materials. A local recycling program, like High Tech Recycling, doesn’t just safely dispose of items. Before we dispose of appliances and electronics, we reuse as many components as possible. Recycled parts reduce the amount of waste sent to a landfill and help practice environmental awareness every day.

Finally, many recycling services are offered free of charge. Larger or more unusual items may come with a recycling fee, but we accept many other appliances and electronics free of charge. Don’t pay a local landfill to take your items, but have them removed free of charge to easily swap out your outdated refrigerator, washing machine or other home appliances.

List of Accepted Appliances

Home appliances are just a small part of what we do at High Tech Recycling. While you’re considering recycling your appliance, check out our list of accepted items to see if you can safely clean up any other unused electronics in your home. Enjoy spring cleaning any time of year and safely recycle these and other items:

If you’re concerned about private data on your old computer hard drive or other storage devices, we can help. Our degaussing machine is Department of Defense compliant and thoroughly removes all data from your devices before recycling.

Choose High Tech Recycling, not a Landfill

Breathe new life into your home appliances with our comprehensive recycling services. Our team at High Tech Recycling is committed to reusing or recycling 100% of your donations. Recycle home appliances responsibly and clear your home of all your unused, outdated electronics. Contact us today to learn more about accepted items, drop-off locations and how our recycling process works.


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