What To Do With Old Flip Cell Phones? High Tech Recycling

Remember flip phones? With rapid changes in technology, a flip cell phone may seem like ancient history. There’s lots of reasons to enjoy upgrading to the latest smartphone. Unfortunately, too many households and businesses simply toss their electronics after they are done. Find out how electronics recycling near you can help you avoid polluting your community and work with a convenient recycling center to give your old phone a new life.

Avoid the Landfill

Every year Americans produce approximately 11.7 million tons of e-waste, which is more than any other country. Your cell phone may not seem like it’s hurting anyone when you toss it in the garbage, but the heavy metals in the battery and other components can leach out into the ground and groundwater.

Don’t add to the landfill with electronic devices that won’t break down and may pollute the environment. Instead, a tech recycling center can take your old phone and find a new life for its parts. Whether components are reused or safely disposed of, no part of your flip phone will end up in the landfill.

Find a Recycling Center

Go green with ease thanks to our convenient recycling center in Pontiac, Michigan. Stop by and bring along all your damaged, outdated or simply unwanted electronics. We recycle many items that would otherwise pollute the environment and clog up a landfill. If you only have a single phone or a few items, swing by our location on your way to work or take a road trip to Pontiac to enjoy hassle-free recycling.

Schedule a Pickup

We recycle cell phones in bulk and other large electronics and appliances. Simply contact us to arrange a pickup and find out if your area and your electronics qualify. We can’t arrange to pick up every small item, but a bulky TV or bulk cell phones from your business can be picked up with our curbside service.

Another convenient pickup option is our collection bins. Schedule to have a bin taken to your workplace, school or other community centers for easy collection. We arrange for weekly, monthly or on-call pickup services, depending on your community needs.

Enjoy Safe Disposal

Your old cell phones and computers have personal information stored on them. Even if you delete contacts and other information off your cell phone, you may still be at risk of identity theft. At High Tech Recycling, we take your data privacy seriously. We use Department of Defense 5220.22 M-compliant software to safely eliminate any remaining information on your electronic devices.

If a recycling center doesn’t provide this service, you may be donating far more than an outdated phone. Be sure your data isn’t misused by taking your phone directly to High Tech Recycling for free degaussing services.

Check for More Outdated Technology

Chances are you probably have far more outdated technology collecting dust. Bring your old computer, broken laptop, unusable printer and used batteries to our drop-off location to enjoy free or low-cost recycling. These are just a few common electronics we recycle, so check with us to see if you have any other unwanted electronics we can recycle for you.

Even smartphones and other newer technology can be recycled. You’ve probably already gone through several generations of smartphones since your old flip phone. If you can’t resell or repair your phone, bring it to our center for hassle-free recycling and avoid harming the environment.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Recycling From High Tech Recycling

Contact us today to learn how we recycle old phones and how you can declutter your home by getting rid of unwanted electronics. Schedule a pickup or stop by the High Tech Recycling center during business hours for convenient removal and safe disposal of your old cell phones.


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