Where Can You Recycle Old Printers?


Recycling Your Printer

In this fast-paced world of tech, people outgrow their printers just as they do other electronics. This is as true for printers at work as it is for printers at home. It’s tempting to upgrade for wireless technology and all-in-one printer, scanner and fax setups. There are also times when printers simply stop working. When this happens, you may wonder what to do with the machine. Is electronics recycling an option or can you just throw it in the trash?

Some people simply throw out the printer. This does not only cause harm to the environment; it’s also illegal because it does. There are toxic substances in printer ink cartridges. For this and other reasons, businesses may face heavy fines if they are caught improperly disposing of electronic waste. AT&T experienced this firsthand in 2014 and got fined $52 million.


How To Get Rid of Old Printers

The good news is that there are many ways to get an old printer off your hands. Many people choose to sell their printer on eBay or another platform. There are many organizations or small business owners that will also take the printer if it still works. This may be the case if you’re getting rid of the machine because you upgraded to something newer, bigger and better.

Another option is to donate the printer. Your first thought may be finding a charitable organization, but there are other places to consider as well. A local school, library or community center could make use of it. If you do choose a charitable organization, then Goodwill is perhaps the most popular choice in America.

What happens if your printer doesn’t work though? Will anyone take it? In this instance, the best solution is recycling. This ensures it does not end up in a landfill while adhering to environmental-protection laws.


Where To Drop Off Your Printer

Big retailers often participate in electronic waste takeback programs. This includes the likes of Best Buy, Staples and Office Depot. In most instances, it doesn’t matter where you originally bought the printer. Some participating stores may even offer special discounts on a replacement. The drawback to this is that these stores are unlikely to offer pickup services.

If you need someone to pick up the machine, then a much better option is relying on companies that specialize in electronics recycling. Each company is different, so it is always best to ask whether or not they provide pickup services and under what conditions. Some companies may only agree to this if you have a substantial amount of e-waste to get rid of.

We offer pickup whether you need printer recycling services at home or at work. Just give us a call and schedule a pickup time. If your place of business is going through a routine upgrade, then consider getting a collection bin. You can then schedule monthly, weekly or ad-hoc pickup services. If you would rather bring the printer in yourself, we accept drop-offs during normal business hours.


Why Recycle Your Printer

For people looking to make some extra money, selling their printer may seem like the best option. Even if it doesn’t work, someone might be interested in paying for parts. Here are a few reasons you should recycle printers instead:

  • If you ensure electronics get recycled instead of shipped off to landfills, you could create almost 300 more jobs each year.
  • Would you throw away $60 million worth of gold and silver? Americans do every year because smartphones and other electronics contain these precious metals.
  • There is a high amount of lead in e-waste, which can damage the peripheral nervous system, kidneys and human blood if it contaminates water supplies.


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